Monday, October 7, 2013

Espanja ja Portugali osa 2. / Spain and Portugal part 2.

Hola! Tässä on vihdoin toinen satsi mun reissukuvia! Kuvat saa klikkaamalla näkymään vähän suuremmassa koossa!


Hola! Here's the second part of my travel photos! Please, click the photos to see them in a larger size!

Reflection (with hats), 2013

Reflection (with a tree and a streetlight), 2013

Photographing and posing I (Barcelona), 2013

Photographing and posing II (Lisbon) / Photographing and posing III (Barcelona), 2013

My version of James Coleman's Slide Piece (1973), 2013

Last look to the mountains, 2013

Reflection (from a Portuguese film), 2013

Night sky in Barcelona I / Night sky in Barcelona II, 2013

A page from my travel journal, 2013

Sagrada Familia by night I / Sagrada Familia by night II, 2013

Smoking, 2013

Sunset somewhere in Spain, 2013

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