Sunday, January 11, 2015

Luppis Corporate Identity

It's been a long while and a long silence. I haven't taken any photos since mid November. When the fall semester started, I felt that I needed a break from photography and so I chose classes like graphic design. During this graphic design class, I designed a corporate identity for an imaginary pet product company Luppis. Luppis is a shortened version of the Finnish word luppakorva, which means lop ear. In the end, I'm glad how this turned out. It's a cute and simple design.

I've always been into graphic design, because it's about creating systems - creating a visual language, and that's what I love. However, now that I just finished this project and my semester ended, I'm more than glad to also have time for photography again. Felt already good to photograph these things. Next I'm focusing on my personal projects.

A letter, business cards, company folder and envelopes.

A letter and outside of the company folder.

The inside of the company folder with envelopes and a letter. 

A notebook and a pen with the logo.

Close up showing the business cards and the logo in the envelopes.

Outside of the new year's gift.

New year's card and the inside of the box with the gift.

Inside of the new year's card and the gift i.e. a dog toy.